Servicing, Support, Repair and Calibration for Scales and Systems

Weighbridges are precision measuring instruments. Regular maintenance and recalibration are essential to prevent breakdowns and avoid expensive repairs.

We offer lifetime support for your weighing scales and equipment. Let us manage your legal compliance and be confident that your weights and measures are right.

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Three easy steps

1. We make a free site visit. Our experienced scale technician visits your site to discuss what your weighbridge needs for regular maintenance, and why.

2. You get a plain English maintenance agreement for signing. We present a cost-effective agreement to you and answer any questions you may have.

3. Once the paperwork is done, we take care of everything from there. We look after regulatory compliance and all the ‘legal stuff’.

We fit into your site schedule

We phone you with a reminder before each preventative service. If your weighbridge is busy during the day, we can arrange after hours servicing. If the planned service day becomes unsuitable for you we can reschedule.

After each service visit our expert scale technician provides you with a detailed test report and will discuss this with you.

What we do - a typical service visit

We customise maintenance agreements to fit each site. A typical maintenance and calibration service includes:

→ Inspection of platform edge gap, verification marks, drains point and cabling.

→ Inspect and report on weighbridge structure and approaches.

→ Inspection, cleaning and lubrication of all moving components (including load cells).

→ Integrity check and adjustment of digital indicator display.

→ Conduct zero, eccentricity and comparison tests.

→  Annual ‘Certification of Accuracy’ performed by test truck with forklift and Government-certified test weights.

With Weightrax nothing is left to chance