We manufacture and supply a full range of weighbridge accessories and peripherals, including driver control stations, site security systems, electronic identification systems and more. All of our equipment is designed to interface easily with new or existing weighbridge installations.

  • Swing Gates and Barrier Arms: Control electronically or operate manually
  • Large Figure Displays: Display weight readings to the driver and alpha-numeric messages such as site destination details & traffic flow
  • Electronic Identification Systems: Dallas Tag Readers, Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras, Transactional Record Cameras & Security Cameras
  • Stop/Go Traffic Control Lights: Regulate traffic on-site and communicate with drivers when weighbridge access is clear
  • Summing Indicators: Sum multiple digital indicators so that total and individual vehicle mass is displayed
  • Unattended Kiosks: For unattended weighing to save operator costs
  • Weighbridge Software: Real time transactional data and reporting
  • Bollards and Walkways
  • Printers: Models for all different uses
  • Weighbridge Services

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